A dog with a golden heart and a crooked face searching for a loving family

A canine with a twisted face is seeking a lifelong home. S.N.A.R.R Animal Rescue Northeast claims that Woody was “left to heal on his own without any veterinary care” after being mauled by another dog when he was just 5 weeks old.

After learning that Woody had been left by his owners tied up outside, SNARR stepped in to save him. Before word finally reached SNARR, Woody spent six weeks living off the charity of neighbors who fed him.

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SNARR posts on Facebook that “Woody’s ‘family’ moved out and abandoned him at the home.” “We naturally said YES when asked to take him into rescue.”

Woody has no medical issues, despite the lopsidedness of his face. His rescuers claim that the only thing that bothers them slightly about him is the way he looks. In actuality, that’s what deepened our affection for him.

His rescuers fell in love with him for more than just his good looks. The Pit Bull has a large heart, they quickly discovered.

Woody’s foster mother didn’t feel well when he arrived at the home.

Foster mother Jamie Bond told The Dodo, “I was unwell with a fever the first day we got Woody. He never left my side even though he sensed something wasn’t right. The entire afternoon we cuddled on the couch. He is now my shadow, always following me and watching out for my safety. Woody enjoys tucking his head towards my chest while curled up on the bed.

Woody, who is now 8 months old, is also making up for lost “puppy” time and is very lovable and lively.SNARR wants to find the ideal match for him and his new family, so they aim to be very picky about who adopts him. Woody is described as being “adorable but in need of some love and training. He is a little jumpy, but who wouldn’t be after being chained outside. He requires a house without cats as well because he enjoys chasing them.

They also think a household with solely female dogs will be ideal for him to thrive in. He is presently in foster care with four other female dogs and is doing fantastically, according to SNARR. Woody has no aggressiveness against anything or anybody, but because he is a huge dog that occasionally gets excited and jumps up, we believe older kids (over the age of 10) are the better fit.

On the website of SNARR Northeast, anybody who meets the requirements and is interested in adopting Woody can submit an application.

Pupdate on Woody:

We have a touching update on Woody to give. SNAAR has announced Woody had found a home, just in time for Christmas, after months of looking for the ideal permanent home.

They published a photo of him wearing a Christmas jumper at his new home, looking forward to all the presents and affection he would get this year from his new family.

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