A shelter dog is so attached to his food bowl that he won’t be adopted without it.

Oliver is a stray puppy that was discovered in a backyard. Officers from Memphis Animal Services in Memphis, Tennessee were dispatched to pick up the cat because it’s unclear whether he was abandoned there by his previous owner or roamed the streets on his own. It was initially challenging to capture, but once at the animal shelter, it was amiable, well-behaved, and at ease with everyone.

“I first met him on his first day at the facility, and before I even showed him my treats, he sat down for me. Naturally, he was even more eager to sit when the treats were brought out. He would press himself up against the kennel bars more frequently as we got to know one another so I could pet him. The Dodo was informed by Katie Pemberton, a community engagement specialist at Memphis Animal Services.

The witty little one would smile and wave to anyone who passed by while keeping his food bowl in his mouth and his puppy eyes fixed upward. He was given the name Oliver as a nod to Charles Dickens’ fictional Oliver Twist, who made his famous catchphrase “Please sir, I want some more.”

Everywhere Oliver went, he always carried his food bowl as if he were pleading for more treats or food. Oliver’s antics amused the staff so much that they began taking pictures of him and sharing them on social media. Oliver was adopted and found his forever family just in time for the deadline, thanks to the internet. Oliver would have been euthanized along with all the other puppies who sadly failed to find homes if no one had adopted him.

Given the unusually high number of adoption inquiries the shelter received after publishing the photos, it is clear that Oliver’s social media presence aided in his adoption.
When Oliver’s new owners first saw him on the shelter’s Facebook page, they fell in love with him. They applied for his adoption right away and were able to bring Oliver home with them—of course, along with his food bowl!

This clever little guy pretends to be asking for treats or more food while carrying his food bowl in his mouth. He acquired the name Oliver as a result.


The name seemed like a perfect fit to the volunteers at the Memphis Animal Services in Memphis, Tennessee because the fictional character OIiver Twist was well-known for saying “Please sir, I want some more.”

Oliver was discovered wandering around in a backyard. Oliver made friends with everyone at the shelter on his first day after being brought in by the animal control officers. He enjoys being petted, treats, and his food bowl very much.

The pictures of Oliver that were posted online by the volunteers quickly gained popularity. Just in time for his adoption deadline, adoption applications were submitted for him; otherwise, he would have been euthanized.

Oliver was unexpectedly adopted and went to his forever home with his dog bowl.

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