The Abused One-Eyed Dog Is Now Living a Happy Life

A dog whose owners mistreated her has inspired thousands of animal lovers worldwide by demonstrating her resilience and will to live. Sadly, her story is a reflection of the vile and repulsive actions of some individuals who brutally assault these good people, causing them great physical and psychological pain.
The dog who lost an eye has been given a second chance.

This is the story of Bubbles, a bull terrier dog who lost an eye and a portion of her jaw after being shot by a callous person. The diagnostic revealed that she had taken a terrible beating, as if that weren’t enough.

This adorable puppy had a difficult life before being saved by a dog shelter in Houston, Texas, when she was only six months old.
At the time of the abuse, she was only six months old.

At the shelter, all necessary tests were completed, including a CT scan that revealed the exact trajectory of the bullet.

The bullet’s fatal, severe wounds caused him to lose his right eye, a portion of his jaw, and his inner ear.
He took some time to improve, but he eventually produced the best results.

Bubbles underwent a challenging rehabilitation process, but this time she had the assistance of kind, sympathetic people who did everything in their power to make sure she was strong and healthy.

Kilyn Horton Blanchard and Ike Blanchard, owners of a mobile dog grooming business, provided the dog’s care.
She is an animated, outgoing dog who enjoys playing with kids.

When they learned about her situation in 2017, they felt compelled to help her. Kilyn stated: “Her fractured right jaw joint and the calcified mass that developed from the fractures were both wounds. Bubbles could barely open his mouth an inch and a half. It’s great that she can eat.

The couple only wanted to save the dog, but after seeing her sweetness and determination to live, they decided to adopt her.

Bubbles had found a loving family and was now starting to recover in a home where he was constantly given the care he needed.
Kilyn remembers her initial adoption with emotion:

When we opened her kennel, she was in the middle of dozing off, but as soon as she saw us, she leaped out, buried her head in my chest, and demanded a hug.

The heartwarming tale of this adorable dog touched many people from all over the world and cut across national boundaries. Bubbles has put her injuries behind her and is now healthy and content after a four-year recovery period.

She now sees the bright side and is enthusiastic about this new chance. She smiles and twirls her tail to show that she enjoys giving to others.

Bubbles appreciates the spotlight.
Puppies with traumatic histories should be adopted, say the parents who have already done so. They require a lot of love, patience, and particular attention in order for them to get themselves out of the shell they were imprisoned in.

“There is a lot of cruelty in the world, but we want people to know that seeing an injured or mistreated shelter dog doesn’t always mean it’s broken; sometimes they’re simply afraid — all they need is a little love, and they have a lot to give in return,” Kilyn added.

Because Bubbles has become so well-known, an adorable story intended to foster empathy and understanding of others was developed for him.
This adorable dog also takes part in a variety of initiatives to spread the word that animal mistreatment is a serious problem in our society. As said by Killin

“We’re presently attempting to persuade her to work with other animal rescue groups to spread the word about animal mistreatment, including by visiting schools and teaching kids the proper way to handle animals. We want to tell her narrative and show how her awful past shouldn’t define her future, but we also want to be aware of it. Additionally, we wish to promote compassion and caring for others.

Like Bubbles, there are many stories that disturb and move us. Sadly, animal abuse is part of the violent tsunami that has swept across our entire civilization.
The need to halt and prevent animal abuse must be stressed, and the first step is to raise public understanding of how to treat animals with love and respect.

Of fact, love is the most effective means of eradicating the scars of the past.

If we want to genuinely eradicate violence, we must labor ceaselessly to end the abuse of all sentient beings. May the way we live be the finest mirror for our hearts.

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