Puppy Thrown Off A Bridge With Electrical Tape Over His Mouth

No bark, growl, or bite is as nearly as hurtful as human cruelty. Dogs might behave that way instinctively when they sense a threat, but humans most often hurt these animals on purpose simply because they can.

As if leaving a family dog isn’t hurtful enough, some people go even further by leaving pups in bags, without food, water, or even air.

Louie’s story is heartbreaking, as he was not only betrayed by his family, but thrown off a bridge with tape on his mouth, so no one could hear his cry for help.

A Whimper For Help

Source: The Dodo
Bob Hoelter, from Griffith, Indiana, usually goes to the local store with his car, but fortunately for Louie, that particular night, he decided to walk instead.

A light exercise turned into a rescue mission as soon as Hoelter looked over a bridge and heard some kind of whimpering in the distance. He might have ignored it, but deep in his heart, Hoelter knew something was wrong.

He followed the sound of a tiny voice begging for help until he ended up under the bridge, as he told The Dodo. Considering it was already dark, it was hard for Hoelter to spot the doggo, but fortunately, he had a flashlight with him.

After some time, he finally managed to find the poor doggie curled up on the ground, shivering from fear and cold, but that wasn’t the worst part.

When he approached the pup, Hoelter noticed that the puppy actually had electrical tape over his mouth, which upset him even more.

Source: Facebook
Seeing the state of the doggie, Hoelter knew time wasn’t their friend and that the puppy had to be taken to the vet immediately, which is why he picked him up and carried him to the Griffith Animal Hospital.

Stranger With A Big Heart
Dr. Lori Kovacich, from the Griffith Animal Hospital in Indiana, told her part of the story as well. She admitted the doggo to the hospital and saved him from the worst case scenario:

“I was out of my chair and in the lobby to get him in seconds.”

Source: Facebook
Kovachich immediately recognized the seriousness of the situation and took the puppy immediately with her, without even asking the name or number of the man who brought him.

She was shocked and heartbroken by seeing a puppy so cute and little in a horrific state; the skin on his muzzle was irritated severely from the tape, which vets believe was on him for days.

Kovachich needed a team of vets and technicians to treat the pup in the right way. He got antibiotics for internal inflammations and ointment for his muzzle, and he also got lots of stuffed animals, along with a cozy blanket, so he could finally get some rest.

Source: Facebook
After the dog was taken care of, Kovachich felt sorry she didn’t have the chance or time to ask the person who brought the dog for his name, at least.

On the other hand, Hoelter was just happy that he managed to bring the pooch to the hospital in time, so he just left and continued his walk to the store.

Another Day, Another Twist
After the first examination, everything seemed to be under control until additional checkups were made, which showed that the pup also had a broken leg.

Source: The Dodo
Considering how long it was left untreated, there was no other option but surgery.

Based on the dog’s injuries and the fact that he was found under a bridge, the hospital staff concluded that he was thrown from it, and probably hit the ground instead of the water. Miraculously, the puppy survived, but with severe injuries.

Dr. Kovachich was terrified by the whole situation. She was so angry and sad because of the cruelty that the little pup had gone through that she wrote a post on FB on behalf of the whole hospital:

“A million things go through my mind, trying to absorb this. Bottom line, the evil person/people who are responsible will rot in hell. They already have no compassion, no heart, and are stewing in a miserable day-to-day life. Karma.”

Sweet Reunion And Furever Home
Things were looking great after the first days of recovery, and the puppy, who was later named Louie, was feeling much better. He even started showing his playful personality at the hospital, which is why everyone simply loved him.

Posts on the Griffith Hospital’s social media account were a huge success, actually, as it helped the staff find Louie’s rescuer and a new home.

Source: Facebook
Hoelter’s niece came across one of the posts, which she showed to her uncle. They decided to visit the hospital and check up on the puppy before he left the hospital with his new family.

Everyone at the hospital, including Hoelter himself, was surprised by Louie’s reaction when he saw his savior.

“I was awestruck because I didn’t think he remembered me.”

Well, it seems that Louie did remember, as he ran towards Hoelter as soon as he saw him, and he couldn’t stop kissing and cuddling him.

Source: Facebook
After this heartwarming moment, Louie finally found his forever home. Mary and Doug Witting, local residents who were clients of the hospital for years, didn’t plan to get a new dog anytime soon after losing their family pet, but there was something about Louie that they just couldn’t let go.

The Wittings were the ones who named the doggo “Louie” and gave him a home filled with love, affection, and all the care that he needs. As Mary said:

“I thought, ‘That cute little face, he needs me. I can give him 24/7 love, and I need him’.”

Source: The Dodo
For true dog lovers, it’s unimaginable that someone could have the heart and guts to not only abandon, but physically hurt an animal so sweet and tiny on purpose.

Fortunately enough, there are people like Bob Hoelter, Dr. Lena Kovachich, and the Wittings who will always be there to help both physical and mental scars to heal.

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