A Sweet Rescue Dog Doesn’t Like Being Separated From His New Mom

One thing that isn’t commended enough is just how much effort a lot of rescuers put into saving as many dogs as they can.

It’s a really noble and heroic mission to shelter dogs when they find them a forever home with someone who’s worthy of them.

I applaud the people who do this every day, as it can’t be easy seeing struggling dogs, but it’s also amazing when they get adopted.

For this story, we will talk about a rescue dog who has a really hard time being separated from his new mom and it’s the most adorable thing you will see today.

Meira’s Sad Story

Source: GeoBeats Animals
When Meira was first found by rescuers, she was only a small puppy who was living with her mom and other siblings in an abandoned house.

The shelter workers from Minnesota who saved them assumed that the previous house owners probably ran some sort of puppy mill, then just abandoned the house and left them inside.

Meira’s mom was in really rough shape and struggling to take care of the 9 puppies, so the rescuers wasted no time in getting them all to safety.

Source: GeoBeats Animals
They continued by posting a story on their page about the puppies and it gained a lot of attention.

Meira’s human mom, Greta, told GeoBeats Animals: “And then I saw a post on Pit Squad Rescue’s Facebook page that had a picture of Meira and her eight other siblings.”

She wanted to adopt one, so she went to the shelter in Minnesota. When she arrived, Meira instantly ran towards her and just crawled into her lap and fell asleep.

That was the moment when she decided that this dog was the right one for her.

Meira’s New And Beautiful Life

Source: GeoBeats Animals
When Meira started living in her forever home, it was apparent to Greta right away that she was a very sassy and outgoing dog.

She just enjoyed being around other dogs and people, but didn’t like it very much when her human mom was gone.

They bought her 12 talking buttons that she likes using to express herself, and whenever Greta is gone from the house, she will spam the mom button.

She just doesn’t like being separated from her mom. However, when they are together, they make the most of their time together.

Meira also really likes daily walks and exploring the environment. Greta makes sure to take her almost everywhere she can, and she enjoys it immensely.

Source: GeoBeats Animals
Another activity that she loves is playing with her toys. However, she can be a bit naughty and pick them apart, only for Greta to put them back together.

This would result in a staring contest where Greta hurries to fix the toy and Meira is just there watching and eagerly waiting for her toy.

Greta said: “I love her more than words can describe and we are just so thankful she is in our life.”

Sometimes, it really just takes a moment, but it’s an important one because it helps us realize that some dogs are meant to be with us.

Greta and Meira get along so well, and their story is really just a beautiful example of how much impact a dog can have in our daily lives if we give them a chance.

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