Tiny Shelter Chihuahua Puppy Gets Showered With Love And Turns Into A ‘Different Pup’

Every shelter pup wishes to find their humans who would love them and cherish them forever. While they wait by their kennel doors, they hope that one of the shelter’s visitors will choose them and take them to a loving home they never had.

Sadly, some shelter dogs get overlooked day after day, and they are unable to thrive and attain the happiness that they deserve.

The following story is about Tiny Tater Tot, a shelter puppy who knows all too well how it feels to be overlooked and not given a chance to feel loved and cared for.

Tiny Tater Tot Waits For Someone To Love Him

Source: Austin Animal Center
Ever since Tiny Tater Tot arrived at Austin Animal Center, in Texas, he stole the hearts of all of the shelter staff members. He needed extra care because he had a severe case of mange. Despite his skin condition, he was very affectionate. All he wanted was to be loved.

The shelter staff took care of him, and he started receiving the necessary treatment.

Knowing that Tiny Tater Tot would heal much faster in a home, they tried to find him a foster family.

The shelter staff was sad when they realized that the affectionate puppy was overlooked due to his skin condition. Nobody was willing to give him the chance that he needed very much.

His caregivers knew that Tiny Tater Tot just needed somebody who would believe in him and give him a lot of love. They were sure that the loving puppy would thrive very soon.

Moving To A Loving Foster Home

Source: Austin Animal Center via The Dodo
Fortunately, a wonderful couple – Sylvie and Martin, decided to be his foster parents. The little pup left the Austin shelter and moved to a loving home.

Sylvie and Martin were saddened to see his little body covered in mange and the dejected expression on his face.

They showered him with love that he needed in order to heal.

Since the little boi had a contagious skin condition, they had no other choice but to isolate him from his foster siblings.

Source: Austin Animal Center via The Dodo
His foster parents prepared him a comfy nook in their spare bathroom. They visited him many times throughout the day, cheering him on and giving him their love and support. They had to wear protective clothing in order to avoid transferring the mange to the other pups.

“Despite this sounding like a sad lifestyle, Tiny has been absolutely great. And, it’s much quieter and more enriching than a crate at the shelter,” Sylvie told The Dodo.

At the beginning, Tiny Tater Tot spent most of his time sleeping. His foster parents knew that it was an important part of his healing journey.

Source: Austin Animal Center via The Dodo
Gradually, he started getting better and his appearance changed. Tiny Tater Tot transformed into an energetic and happy pup. He began running to his foster parents’ arms whenever he saw them.

The affectionate canine loved snuggling with them and soaking up all the love they gave him.

“He always greets me with tail wags and running around my feet. Every time I pick him up, he quickly calms down, and his favorite snuggle is to burrow his nose under my armpit,” Sylvie said.

The Puppy Recovers And Finds His Forever Family

Source: Austin Animal Center via The Dodo
After a few weeks, Tiny Tater Tot completely recovered and he was mange-free. He was very excited to finally meet his foster siblings. The sweet puppy got along with everyone, and he built a strong bond with Lucy – the adopted mama dog.

Lucy liked the tiny pup and she was very affectionate toward him.

Thanks to his foster family and their selfless love and care, Tiny Tater Tot was a totally different pup. He found his forever family very soon. His forever parents fell in love with the wonderful puppy, and soon, they will give him a loving home.

Although Tiny Tater Tot will miss his foster family and his foster siblings, he is thrilled to start the happiest chapter of his life. He’ll have two siblings – a potbellied pig and a Doberman.

Tiny Tater Tot can’t wait to cuddle with his new mom and give all his love. His biggest wish will soon come true. He will finally have the love he has always craved for.

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