Woman’s Heart Races As She Discovers An Abandoned Dog Tied To A Subway Station Pole

For one New York City woman, fostering a dog was a lifelong dream. Jewelry designer and photographer, Heather Hamm, is a long-time dog lover and enthusiast who grew up with a dog and wanted one to foster.

One night, she was scrolling through Instagram when she stumbled upon a post that made her heart race.

According to an Instagram page that gives out information about free furniture around the city, there was an abandoned dog tied to a pole at a subway station with absolutely no one claiming him.

For Heather, it felt like destiny – and she immediately sprung into action!

It Was Meant To Be

Source: @nycfreeatthecurb
Before she saw the picture of a dog sitting all alone at the station, Heather was in her New York City home looking for a dog to foster online. Then, her heart started racing!

“Someone just tied this dog to a pole at a subway stop,” the Nycfreecurb team wrote on Instagram.

Even though she didn’t have a plan worked out, she decided to get a cab and check out the dog. On her ride to the said location, Heather was nervous as this was her first attempt to actually rescue a dog.

Source: Heather Hamm via Daily Mail
But, as soon as she arrived at the spot – her doubts vanished! The dog was extremely friendly and she immediately started wagging her tail around Heather.

In a way, she was also glad that this giant-hearted woman ran by, and she immediately melted around her. She licked her face as if she was saying: “Thank you, hooman!”

People who saw the post online wondered about the dog for hours until a comment appeared on their screen:

“She’s coming with me tonight,” Heather wrote under the Nycfreecurb’s post.

The Most Amazing Stoop Find So Far

Source: Heather Hamm via Daily Mail
The dog, later named Peaches, found her comfort in Heather’s arms. After speaking to New York City police, Heather was given permission to take Peaches home, where their actual adventure began.

The two immediately formed a wonderful bond. Peaches was very friendly right off the bat, and she had amazing doggo manners.

She already knew some commands, and loved playing fetch with Heather. She absolutely adores her daily walks to a park, and when it comes to toys – Peaches is hopelessly in love with stuffies!

Having her in life was absolutely rewarding, and Heather could not be more grateful. Despite Peaches’ cruel abandonment, she got a loving foster in the end. And, her heart absolutely healed around her new momma!

Source: Heather Hamm via The Dodo
After some time, Peaches found her forever home!

Heather posted a comment saying that she has been adopted into a new home, where she gets all the love she ever needed!

“She’s doing wonderful! She’s been adopted recently and is getting absolutely spoiled in her new home,” she wrote.

Once an abandoned pup with an uncertain destiny, Peaches is now one happy doggo girl!

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