Pup Can’t Hide The Sadness From His Face After Adoptive Family Returned Him Back To The Shelter

Being a pup in a shelter is as bitter as it is sweet. Even though the shelter staff tries their best to make their stay as fun and as interesting as possible, some pups still start to feel down and depressed.

Luckily, many of these pups get adopted pretty quickly, leaving the shelter to go and live a life full of love and joy.

But, there are some doggos who are unfortunately forced to stay in the shelter much longer than they intended while others even get returned after being adopted for some time. The pup of today’s story shares this fate.

At The Shelter

Source: Newsweek
Andy is a little pup who was rescued from the streets and brought into Little Guild, the only limited-admission shelter based in West Cornwall, Connecticut.

Before coming to the Connecticut shelter, this little pup had already gone through a great deal of misfortunes. He was surrendered to a shelter in Georgia with serious injuries after he got badly tangled in a tie-out and runner system that was initially set up to keep him on his then-owner’s property.

Source: The Little Guild
“We do not have many details on what happened early in his life, but whatever it was, it wasn’t great. This probably led to him not trusting people right away,” Little Guild’s animal care specialist Kelsey Turick told Newsweek.

Andy had some serious trust issues when he came to the shelter, as he did not trust any new face that approached him. As soon as he saw an unfamiliar face, he would start feeling anxious, threatened, and even territorial.

However, when he is around people that he knows, this little pup turns into the best boy ever.

Source: The Little Guild
“Andy is a little on the timid side at first, but once you earn his trust he will shower you with affection and loyalty,” she added.

The Heartbreaking Return
Andy’s trust issues didn’t surprise anyone. Even though he had been adopted soon after arriving at the shelter, this little pup did not spend many days with his family, as he was returned for being too reactive to people.

Ever since, Andy has settled into his kennel, quietly observing passersby and trembling whenever somebody stopped to even look at him.

Even though he does come out of his shell after spending some time with hoomans, unfortunately none of them stick around for that long, so they don’t get to see what an incredible pup he truly is.

Source: The Little Guild
Since Kelsey is the one who knows Andy for who he truly is, she has no doubt that he will manage to find his hooman soulmate.

“We love him so much and really hope his forever family is out there. It is going to take someone patient and understanding to work with him on his reactivity and initial fear of new people. Andy has medium to high energy and needs calm, confident handling to help him overcome his insecurities,” said Kelsey.

She also stated that as soon as Andy finds his perfect family, he will be able to completely forget all about his dark past and start living a life full of love and happiness.

Source: The Little Guild
“With a trusted handler, he can be a very wiggly, happy-go-lucky boy. He loves to cuddle and play with toys. His ideal home will provide Andy with the guidance he needs and be ready to be rewarded with devotion and love. He is absolutely amazing with other dogs and would thrive with another dog in the home,” she concluded.

Final Word
Andy is an incredible pup who just needs some patience as well as a second chance in order to live up to his true potential.

I sure hope that his luck will change as soon as possible and that he will meet that special someone who will provide him with the life he deserves.

Good luck, Andy!

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