A stray pit bull notices a guy stabbing a woman with a knife and rushes in to protect her.

A stray Pit Bull is being hailed as a hero after protecting a woman who was being knifed by a guy. The dog was stabbed five times after getting in the way of a disagreement between a man and a woman while wandering the streets of Baldwin, Georgia. Officer Daniel Seeley and Sgt.

Timothy Clay arrived on the scene and saw the dog bleeding on the sidewalk. On YouCaring, Sgt. Clay’s wife reveals that “while on duty, my husband and another officer responded to a domestic incident.” The lady who phoned said that the dog attacked the man in an effort to protect her when she and the man were arguing. The guy then started stabbing the dog repeatedly.

When they realized they required the courageous dog’s assistance, the cops took him to an animal hospital. Officer Clay told ABC7, “I don’t think we could have allowed that dog to suffer and die.” We believed the dog needed our help because of what it had been through.

The dog, now known as “Hero,” was bleeding to death when the police arrived, but thanks to their quick action, the doctors were able to rescue him. Carla Welch of Fighting For The Bullys offered to assist the police after hearing Hero’s tale.

In order to assist Hero and gather money for his medical treatment (he was also discovered to have heart worms), she banded together with various other animal rescue organizations. Carla arrived to pick up the puppy and bring him back to her home in Tennessee as the cops were unable to detain him.

Carla Welch remarked, “I felt he was extremely brave and powerful. He was a complete stranger to these individuals.

She speaks of the calm and amiable seven-year-old Pit bull. She’s had a ton of questions since she placed him up for adoption. She writes “OMG!” on Facebook. Our Hero Inbox is overflowing with enquiries and applications. “I’m feeling very emotional right now!”

Hero’s bold deeds will undoubtedly lead to a brighter future! Let’s hope Hero finds the ideal everlasting residence!

After being available for adoption for a while, Sara and David Simpson have welcomed Hero into their household. The courageous dog was taken home by a Tennessee couple where he gets along well with their other two animals.

We feel really blessed to be bringing this kid into our family through adoption. On Facebook, Sara Simpson said that “adjustments are going nicely.”

Hero seems to have spent the most of his life on the streets, but Sara told WATE News she is delighted to take care of him. She stated, “I’m delighted to offer a house to someone who has never had one. Since dogs are more than simply pets to me, I use the word “someone” in this sentence. They are real people and they are like family to you.

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