A man makes a last-ditch effort to save a street dog that is on the verge of death.

An almost-dead street dog is saved by a man in a desperate attempt.

The Bulgarian Rudozem Street Dog Rescue received a call about a stray that required immediate assistance. The puppy was severely malnourished and on the verge of death when rescuers sprang into action. They had trouble believing what they had seen.

Being aware of the dog’s severe pain, they moved cautiously toward it.

The poor girl would require immediate assistance if she had any chance of surviving.

The dog had suffered both physically and mentally from life as a stray.

She struggled to move on her own but always gave it her all.

Even if Khaleesi managed to survive that first night, she would still have a very difficult journey ahead of her.

They were able to give Khaleesi her first bath once they had recovered a little bit of their strength.

Given everything she had experienced in life, she was grateful for any kind of love and adoration.

She gradually began displaying more signs of life.

It was amazing to see how much more like a typical dog she was acting!

They had to visit the vet frequently, but Khaleesi was always obliging and willing.

After completing her vaccinations,

…Her broken leg was put in a lovely cast.

Her face showed that she was beginning to feel much better.

Her coat began to regrow…

…Her appetite soon returned.

The updated Khaleesi is presented here. That is indeed the same dog!

What a remarkable improvement! wishing you success moving forward

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