Meet Brinks, a Pit Bull that can’t stop grinning after being rescued.

Pitbulls are often feared as dangerous and frightening due to their incredible size and strength. It’s a real shame that these hardworking and loyal dogs are feared due to some misunderstandings.

You could be persuaded to reconsider your opinion of this supposedly belligerent breed by Brinks. This amiable canine, sometimes known as the “smiling pit bull,” has won the hearts of many with his contagious, endearing grin.

It’s difficult to imagine that Brinks was a stray dog abandoned on the streets of Brooklyn just over 12 years ago when there is so much joy recorded in every photo. Fortunately, he was adopted by a kind person called Jon who had experience being a dog friend.

Jon made the decision to house Brinks while he searched for the dog’s owner, but after a month of monitoring missing dog reports and putting up fliers without success, he came to the conclusion that Brinks would be staying with him. At the time, Brinks was only 11 months old, but as you can see, he’s still grinning after over 12 years! It’s hardly surprising that he has over 21k Instagram followers.

The most astounding thing, according to Jon, is how Brinks regularly grinned like a human when he was in an enjoyable scenario.

Brinks has now experienced all that has happened since his rescue a long time ago, all while sporting a seductive smile that is still scratched on his face.

According to Jon, Brinks loves to express his gratitude every day by grinning widely. Despite this, Brinks isn’t a big fan of crude comedy.

Jon looks after the Brinks and feels honored to be the father of this kind and beautiful Pit Bull. We have faith that this wonderful child will always beam!

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