Friendly butcher leaves leftovers outside for stray dogs every day

Watching stray dogs scavenging the wreckage of a butcher shop is heartwarming. They cautiously approached the box and grabbed a few bones each. Any dog ​​is good enough to carry a small bone, but what really stands out is how much they care about each other. It’s like watching an old golden retriever walk to a treat box, pick up a bone, and walk away.

As he approached, another dog showed signs of fear and shyness. The other dog wagged his tail in delight, as if he couldn’t believe his luck. The video was originally uploaded to TikTokker by user @ugursa_ in March 2021 and has since gone viral across all social media platforms.

The video first appeared on TikTok, but has since been shared on many social media platforms, including Facebook and reddit. There were some suggestions on how to behave appropriately when dealing with feral cats. A local lawyer in Puerto Rico said stray dogs are “extremely smart” and friendly to all kinds of people.

He saw a butcher handing out chicken carcasses and realized that most of the stray birds were shy and polite and had learned not to run inside. Dogs should not eat these as they are harmful to their digestive system. Bones are a dog’s favorite treat (especially chicken bones). You can get 2 days’ worth of “bones” from one chicken branch. Most dogs don’t eat anything for two days, so you can tell they’re excited to see that meat.

Others are quick to point out that cooked bones are much more harmful since they may crumble and cause internal damage and injury, as opposed to uncooked bones, which some owners worry would injure their dogs if they eat them. The bones that made up the backbone were discarded by kind strangers.

Others questioned if the video was indeed shot in Turkey. By seeing the logo of a Turkish firm printed on the cardboard box seen in the backdrop, one Reddit user was able to pinpoint the video’s Turkish location.

Another Redditor said that “most Turkish towns handle wild cats and dogs fairly nicely. The city will release any stray cats or dogs once they have been examined, tagged, and brought back to their native area. Furthermore, the veterinarian examines them often.

“Everyone left food and drink bowls,” they said, “and many establishments essentially accepted them and took care of them. This is standard procedure in fish and meat markets where leftovers are often distributed to clients who are homeless.


According to research, “cats practically govern the city of Istanbul,” which supports the statements made by earlier comments. The chicken finger was being nibbled on by a cat when it approached me; the waitress then informed us which sauce the animal preferred. I was sitting on the patio when this occurred a few years back. It’s fantastic to see how well they’re being cared for, but it’s terrible to realize that some of them must spend the night outside in the chilly, soggy weather.

Like the unnamed butcher, many sympathetic butchers are employed in Turkey. Turkish-born Ikram Korkmazer has a warm place in his heart for animals. Customers often bring their dogs into his business in quest of food. He attracted a lot of attention when a video of a client’s cat pleading for attention by leaning on a butcher’s counter went viral.

A number of canines live outside on Korkmazer’s sidewalk and are clamoring for a taste of his meal (or two or three).

The next video also demonstrates that this butcher has frequent customers as a dog wags his tail eagerly while awaiting a dish of food.

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