As she struggles to feed her six puppies, a frail and helpless mother dog begs for assistance.

One of the most distressing things we may encounter in our life is watching an animal suffer. It’s difficult to go on after hearing heartfelt tales without wondering whether they ended happily. That may be why we get relief when we observe animal lovers and rescuers giving these sad creatures unselfish assistance.

This is the tale of Hope, a mother dog, and her abandoned pups, who were born years before Hope herself. Hope had gone through a trying period with her kids.

At that point, a proponent of animal rights decided to act and went to the dogs’ boarding facility. There, she learned the dreadful reality. The rescuer said that Hope was simultaneously nursing six pups. She said that this was something she had never seen before, and it shattered her heart utterly.

Hope, a female who was not even half the size of her breed, could not walk, and approached me with her beautiful eyes, the rescuer said, “was not half the size of her breed. I went to feed all the dogs.”

She carried them one by one without stopping. She suddenly noticed there were 10 pups instead of only six, four of them had perished due to the cruelties of life.

The most tragic part was that those four pups died before anybody could save them. Some of these puppies perished as a consequence of snake bites, while others perished due to severe weather conditions.

It was horrible to see Hope in such a bad situation. She weighed just half as much as she ought to have, given her stature. Six pups still needed to be fed, and she had to do all she could to ensure their survival..

The rescuer was aware that she had to use every effort to find the pups homes and the medical attention they need to heal and advance. She started matching some of them with deserving families who were willing to adopt them..

Teddy, the first adoptive youngster, is now living a life of luxury. His rescuer said that she would always love him and remain his godmother, and she is appreciative of the help the new family has given.
While Lola, Coco, and Max remained in the care of their adopted family, Candy and Tobby were welcomed into their new homes. Max, on the other hand, had a stomach ailment and became weaker till he passed away.

“Fortunately, Coco is already with a new family; Lola was still lagging behind, but efforts continued,” she said.

To everyone’s relief, Hope has already undergone sterilization, and all of her offspring have found loving new homes.

Even though it took them some time, Lola eventually found a home and flew overseas after waiting for 7 months. Since then, she has been content with her new life with her brother, Alex.

Hope is a highly energetic dog that is full of love and affection to share despite her difficulties. She won’t again have to endure the suffering of being a street mother ever more. Share this stirring tale of rescue.


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