Brothers of His “Fell Asleep Forever,” As the man’s voice became louder, he ‘Cried-Out’

It’s common for cowards to abandon dogs outside animal shelters. In Serbia, organizations operating with limited resources are well aware of this. One morning, a volunteer at an animal shelter was on his way to work when he noticed a box on the property. He knew very well what that probably meant. He prepared as best he could before he went.

A four-week-old puppy was found inside a crate. If the cat had been properly transported and unloaded, it is likely that the entire cat would have survived. Three infants died of heat stroke after being left in the heat without food or water. However, one puppy was still alive in the box.

One puppy was panting heavily. It was so serious that he would have died within minutes. The rescuer reached out and carefully examined the other puppy. He wanted to express his gratitude. He takes out a live puppy and puts it in a large bowl of water.

The pup’s tail says it all while drinking water, and rescuers apply cold soothing water to the pup’s body. “thank you, thank you, thank you!” Not shown in the video, but followed by miracles mentioned in the video description. When dogs are abandoned, shelter volunteers constantly search the area to see if there are female dogs or other puppies nearby.

They had no idea what to expect next. A fifth puppy managed to get out of the crate and into a shaded area. According to the description: “We were looking for more specimens when a little black dress appeared and came out of the canal.” stayed in Only two puppies survived! And thanks to the amazing volunteers at the shelter, they both made a full recovery and were taken in to forever loved homes when they were old enough.

Of course, we are devastated by the owner’s actions and the death of the other puppy. But we are also grateful that the two puppies survived. This story is meant to remind everyone that proper disposal of unwanted animals is extremely important.

To raise awareness, we encourage you to spread information about this story. The video, on the other hand, is disturbing and raw. Please use caution when browsing the 3 puppies that have died.

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