The rescue dog waits outside every day for his father to return.

Sadie is her father’s favorite rescue dog, so she spends most afternoons in the driveway waiting for her to come home from work. Every day around 3pm, Sadie knows it’s almost time for her beloved father to come home, so she goes to her favorite spot in the driveway and she waits patiently.

She is outside from 3pm to 5:30pm waiting for her father’s truck to enter the driveway. Even in winter, when the weather is nice outside, little Sadie can always be seen waiting for her father. But when it gets too cold, she waits for him inside her house by the window overlooking the driveway.

“When she sees his truck, she starts dancing and running,” Sadie’s mother Sarah told The Dodo. She is so excited that she can’t help running happily around her house. When her father backs up in the driveway, she picks her up.

“She always brings toys and tries to encourage me to play with them,” Sadie’s father, Tim, said. When Sadie met her father, she was happy and it shows. Tim rescued Sadie from the mine he was working in. That’s probably why she loves him so much. He is her savior and in this way she thanks him for saving her own life.

Tim works as a mine inspector and sees this sad abandoned dog every day in this special place. “She was always on alert,” he said. “One day she showed her teeth and smiled.

Source: @alexcooperfrankford
Source: @alexcooperfrankford


Sadie was very shy around people, but happily followed his orders, jumped in his truck, and has been a much loved part of the family ever since. “When I’m outside, she’s always with me. She’s by my side and running around,” Tim said.

She wants Sadie to be by her father’s side as much as possible. Sadie now has two hairy siblings. Chocolate Lab, who can get along with anyone older than him, and a little Dachshund dog that hardly anyone likes.

Source: @alexcooperfrankford
Source: @alexcooperfrankford


Wiener dogs Sadie and Alex love to take eggs, but they don’t like to share them. It’s funny how they sometimes react to their balls. “When Alex sees Sadie’s ball in the garden, he calls him an idiot,” Sarah said, trying to explain their relationship.

Sadie is the only one waiting impatiently for his father to come home from work, and he’s been doing so for nearly two years. As long as they are both healthy and alive, Sadie will surely continue her enchanting rituals. It’s these little things that make dogs so lovable and special.

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