This heartbroken dog ran away from home every day to visit his late owner’s grave

Their love for their owners is pure and special. What excites me is people who say they’re just dogs. You show more love than many I know. Humans will never be as devoted and affectionate as dogs. You are so beautiful and precious! It all started when a Turkish man, Ismail Ozturk, decided to adopt a forbidden newborn puppy.

He then named the puppy “Zozo”. Ozturk took such good care of him that the dog became attached to him. Unfortunately, on February 10, 2014, Ozturk announced the ghost. Many mourned him, including Zoza. Not long after Ozturk’s fun, the family noticed that Zozo frequently ran away from home and returned after some time. However, I had no idea where Zozo had gone.

One day, Ozturk’s son Zafer visited his grave. When he was looking at his father’s grave, he noticed an amazing figure lying over his father’s grave.

Zozo missed his owner, so he ran away from home to visit Ozturk’s tomb. Mr. Zozo cannot express how much he missed Ozturk, but he showed his love by visiting his grave every day.

No human would ever do that, because only dogs can do this to their owners, and their loyalty and unconditional love can never be questioned. They are more than just loyal human beings, their unconditional love reaches their owners forever and they also have feelings…!

Dear Lord, comfort this faithful, true and loving creature and give it comfort in the bosom of your father. Sending you lots of love, beautiful

Animals have feelings and are more human than humans. We are lucky to have dogs in our lives sometimes. They want nothing more than to be fed, exercised, and loved. Always respect your dog. And there are still people who think that their cute and beloved dog is not part of their family.

how much love can you get God bless the animals, especially the four-legged dogs that dogs know so well, and thank you for being there for us. I pray that the precious fur baby rests in peace…!

H/t: Zenooni

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