Lovely Moment: Dog kisses firefighter who rescued him from the roof

Wells Fire Department Chief Jeff Naufel was responsible for calming the husky, earning his trust, and bringing him back to his home in Maine, USA. Dogs have been loyal companions of humans throughout history, so their ability to help humans in times of need is well known.

These skills have been very helpful in reducing many chores around the house and yard. landscape. However, there are times when these animal companions need human help to overcome difficulties. This adorable husky was spotted in the town of Wells, Maine, and apparently that’s the case.

A video posted on the Wells Police Facebook page showed the dog chained to the roof of the house and unable to move or respond to his owner’s calls for help. It may seem like a small and simple incident, but it took the city’s fire department assistance to intervene in the incident and subsequently rescue the pelt without injury.

Police officers reportedly climbed onto the roof of the house to appease the dog in order to gain the dog’s trust. The firefighters took him in their arms and, having fully understood their feelings for each other, brought him back through the window to the chimney. However, before entering, the dog kissed the firefighter lightly on the cheek as if to thank him for his rescue.

Thank you Captain Jeff Naufel of Wells Fire Department for rescuing this sweet puppy from being trapped on the roof. “Video of Officer Steve McDonald,” according to police.


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