A couple adopts a 17-year-old dog from a shelter that survived until it met its human sister

Heroes of the animal world, Beth and Michael Clark, donate blankets to animal shelters during the winter to provide warmth and comfort for stray dogs. In December 2015, they visited the Ann Arundel County Animal Control Department to donate blankets and supplies and came home with something special.

The couple had to watch over their grieving 17-year-old dog, Rocky. “When I saw this grey-faced, bony dog, I said to her husband, ‘I’ll get you,'” Beth said today. “I didn’t want an older man dying inside.” ‘ said.

As Beth said today, Rocky “finished our lives.” “He loves to dance with us, he loves being with us. As time went on, it became more and more difficult for him to walk and climb stairs, so my husband I carried him up the stairs every night so he could be with us.”

Beth was so happy when she found out she was pregnant and softened as her Loki grew, she told TODAY. He is a leading advocate for pregnant women in Maryland.

Rocky’s health deteriorates..

A photo of Rocky was captioned, “Dad and Mama will find me a man!” and was also used to announce the couple’s pregnancy. When Beth was seven months pregnant, Rocky’s health began to deteriorate when they learned that their beloved old dog Rocky might have a tumor. The day Beth and Michael walked Beth to her house, Rocky sniffed her and put her head on her, but the couple said goodbye to their beloved dog as her condition worsened.

I realized that the time had come. “I called the vet and he and his family calmed down that night and went to see how things were going,” Beth said today. We love him more than words can say, but we still struggle to fit in with his schedule.

The Clark family claims that Loki wants to meet his new human sister. Michael and Beth, you two are real animal heroes! Please spread the word in memory of this unforgettable couple and their adorable dog Rocky.

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