Poor dog abandoned by owner at supermarket gate waving to all passersby wishing for adoption

Recently, a social network account called Binh An shared a clip of a stray dog ​​picking up customers at the entrance of a supermarket every day. Along with the extremely valuable photos of daily life, the moving story spread in an instant. The affectionate dog wags its tail politely at each visitor, making the online community cry with its cuteness and affection.

A video that has gone viral on social media shows a cute brown and white short-haired poodle. It is not known why the dog was tied up outside the supermarket entrance and unintentionally became a “staff” who greets customers every day.

When he sees a guest coming in or out, he immediately wags his tail to greet him and return the love from the guest. People may wait for food or drink, or swallow it in gratitude. He looked at everyone who passed by with sad eyes and a little remorse, and his desire to shake hands made everyone stop to thank him and linger to play with him.

The dog got stuck in one place and wagged its tail at the guest. People passing by the gate stop and pet it because it is so cute.

For some reason, no one knew of this poor dog’s plight, but his owner left him behind and tied him up in a corner, while all who passed by expressed sympathy and innocent eyes as he returned to work. I was waiting. The friendliness and affection of dogs seem to melt the hearts of online communities.

Dogs are one of the most devoted animals on earth and they teach us responsibility, compassion and love. Being a foster parent doesn’t stop there.

Anyone who loves dogs and cats understands that they are your best friend when you are sad. The supermarket customer should be commended for stopping and expressing his feelings for the dog.

It’s just for a moment, but the dog should surely feel the delicate feelings of people. To us the world is outside, but to dogs we are all they have.

Pets make us feel positive affection just by communicating with us through touch.

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