Mama dog crying for help after giving birth to 10 puppies in the cold snow

A tragic story is unfolding before us. In the cold snow, the mother dog gave birth to 10 puppies. Everything was covered with snow. The puppies were freezing. If they are not saved, they cannot survive.

The rescuers couldn’t contain their grief as they saw the puppies wailing. They had all just had children and were very frail. 10 puppies brought home need to be warmed up. Thankfully I’m on milk now and all is well. The fact that puppies urinated is great news for rescuers.

After 50 days, the puppies are grown and very cute. After two vaccinations, the ten angels went looking for a new home. Thanks to all of you, 10 puppies finally found new homes. Having gone through everything in their lives, they deserve a happy family. We would like to thank all of our sponsors for supporting these angels.


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