Poor puppy crying when given bread

A video that captures the sad moment of a tiny puppy has gone viral on social media. The puppy was hungry for several days and when fed, he had a choking attack and screamed.

No one knows why this dog is here alone with nowhere to go and no one to take care of him. The little dog got lost and didn’t know where to go. He explored the city alone, gradually draining his strength and starting to feel more and more hungry and tired from lack of food and water.


Luckily the little puppy met a passerby. After several days of fasting, the man gave a shivering and exhausted puppy a piece of bread. When fed, the puppy did not eat immediately. Instead, he cried and bit into the cake.

This individual saw the dog’s awful circumstances and decided to take the dog home and take care of it. The dog was carried home by its owner, who later took it to the hospital for an examination and some tests.

The dog’s body was covered with sores and parasites, and he was worn out from a prolonged time of famine. Fortunately, the test findings weren’t too severe, and the dog will quickly recover with a little extra care.

Gunnar, the owner, gave this dog a very cute name. By following his doctor’s recommendations, Gunnar is getting the nutrition he needs to recover from his illness. After a long and difficult life, Gunnar has a new family that pampers and cares for him.

Gunnar is now able to run, play and catch balls with his owner and doesn’t look like the sick, shivering dog he did in the beginning. This happy encounter allowed this little dog to take a new direction in life, get more care and attention from his owner, and overcome his fear of crowds.

Looking back at the earlier images, many people wouldn’t be surprised to see the puppy’s amazing “transformation”. A few months ago, Gunnar was underweight. Now he has thick, silky fur. If I hadn’t said anything, no one would have realized it was a hungry dog ​​with multiple wounds all over its body.

Unexpectedly, Gunnar was able to share his feelings with the help of others. This dog didn’t look very attractive compared to many other dogs, but his humble behavior made the owner decide to keep this dog.

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