A dog adopted from a coffee shop sits next to customers every day, trying to accompany them

She doesn’t beg for anything, not even food. She just sits there chasing them. The puppy was adopted by cafe owner Camila and named Corchito. He is currently in charge of caring for distressed and lonely clients. Some people do not always feel understood in front of others.

So even the loneliest consumer can get their hands on a corchito. Colchito knows that all he needs to feel good is a little love and support. When someone is having a bad day, this dog knows it. She also gives people the impression that the day is scheduled just by her being there. When you experience affection from animals over a long period of time, you feel more comfortable.

Dickens is an Argentinian café restaurant owned by Camila Galando. She owns a well-known family business in her neighborhood. Every day was the same, with a few exceptions, until Colchito arrived and made some major adjustments. A dog accompanies lonely people in a cafe.

On a stormy day, Colchito finds refuge in Camila’s café and quickly develops feelings for him. Camilla decided that in the future Dickens would be her new home, and that this beautiful land would become Corchito’s paradise on earth, because Dickens was such a lovely dog.

Colchito would get a lot of attention, but Camilla knew nothing. He was particularly gentle with everyone, but he blended in quickly. The most astonishing thing is that Cortito came up to Dickens, walked straight up to the man who was sitting alone at the table, and without a second thought sat down in the chair next to him.

Contrary to what some might assume from the dog’s apparent plight, dogs just sit and walk beside people. He seems to listen carefully when people talk to him. Having recently visited and sat with the spouse of a regular customer who had previously visited the café with her, and now comes alone, Corchito means more to her.

She Corchito loves everyone who comes to her café, but she is especially kind to her sick elderly people. This dog seems to have a sixth sense of grief and will reach out to those most affected by loss.

In addition to caring for Colchito, Camila decided to take in other stray dogs who came to the cafe looking for a place to sleep at night. Colchito perceives the situation and offers to help. He may be a cafe dog, but he is always happy to help other animals and people. Undoubtedly, Corchito is a great example, and thanks to him, people in the region have come to enjoy coffee even more.

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