After long days of unhappiness he was sad and scared

The dog Isumu does not know love. He was left alone on the side of the road near a shelter.

Every step he took was in great pain and his nails were too long. The chains that had previously restrained him left a thick, bloody bandage around his neck. He had rabies boils all over his body and a strange smell of rotting meat. Despite all the suffering, Ismu’s eyes still had life, the ability to experience fear, humility, and optimism. He prayed to God to do something to end his suffering.

It was discovered by volunteers working at the shelter. He took Mr. Issum to a shelter where he received treatment and a comfortable bed. Issum is bathed and cleaned. He was given food and water and was shown love and care for the first time in a long time.

On the 10th day, Issum’s condition began to improve. His wounds began to heal and new fur began to grow. His eyes started to glow with happiness and so did his body odor. Day 80: A devoted family who wanted to adopt a dog is finally accepted into a shelter. They fell in love the moment they saw Isumu.

They could feel the courage and tenacity behind his tough demeanor, so they knew he was the right dog for them. Issum’s family welcomed him into their new home and showered him with love.

He no longer had to suffer in silence or wait for help. He finally got a beautiful family and his own home. Click here to send this content to your loved ones.

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