Homeless dog with teary eyes asks for help on how to raise a puppy

Bad weather makes it even more difficult for stray dogs. This is especially true for mother dogs who continue to struggle to raise stray puppies. A stray dog ​​was found by someone who came home a few days ago. The dog was lazy and the person didn’t want to go near it at first. The dog looked back at them and got their attention.

Upon closer inspection, the dog seemed unhappy and in need of help. The man quickly left after he felt sick, but he gave a nearby bag of meat buns to a puppy named Guzi. Gouji seems to have been lucky that day.

I was going to give the dog some steamed buns, but the dog suddenly backed away. It was funny that the dog no longer looked at me with pity, but I was hesitant to feed him. I put the bread on the floor and decided to leave, but to my surprise the dog didn’t come near to eat the bread.

Normally dogs are happy with their food, so I wondered why this dog would behave like that. The online community quickly lost interest in Gouzi and decided to move on, but to his surprise, Gouzi suddenly barked at one of the netizens, grabbed a bun and trotted away.

What’s even stranger is that Gouji didn’t leave immediately. After running away, he stopped and glanced back at netizens. Most people would find this behavior unusual and question the dog’s motives. Nevertheless, netizens decided to follow Gouzi and monitor his behavior closely.

A friend sent netizen Gouzi to a weedy place. They observed two beautiful nursing dogs approaching their mother and playing with them. After that, the two puppies suckled in the mother bitch’s belly. Mr. Googe saw this and saw despair and sadness in the mother dog’s eyes.

It was obviously difficult for her to take care of her two young children alone. Googe could not bear to see her mother in pain and prayed for someone to take care of her two puppies. She decides to join them and provide them with a warm home. The mother dog watched in silence as Googe picked up the two puppies and left. She watched them leave.

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