A hungry dog ​​rests its head on a chair in a restaurant. waiting for him to be fed

Unfortunately, lonely and hungry dogs flood the streets of our cities. In addition to typical dog needs, these animals need a safe place to live. In this case, feeding the dog is an act of kindness recognized in subsequent stories.

The post title is: Exactly what Twitter user @SuavesLomitos wanted to demo and share with his followers. How embarrassing it is when you’re hungry and you can’t express your hunger The article received hundreds of reviews and more than 4,000 retweets of his, and quickly became popular.

It’s not an easy task for them, but it’s important to understand the signals that stray animals want to send us. On the other hand, even the weakest of hearts can’t help but see a hungry stray dog. A poor hungry dog ​​waits at a restaurant table to “beg” for food, then puts his head on the chair where the customer sits to see if someone throws leftovers.

I was. This is explained in a tweet post. The story was told at the time by a customer who was upset by the attitude of several other customers who refused to share their limited leftovers with their starving dogs.

The article caught the attention of netizens, with many leaving comments stating that they were moved by the humble behavior of the hungry dog. “How terrifying it is to have five senses and not be able to recognize them,” said one user, criticizing widespread ignorance.

However, another online user of his took the lead and suggested that we should always carry a bag of croquettes with us so as not to go hungry even in this situation. Leftovers may also be fed to hungry creatures, human or not.

One Twitter user said, “Having a bag of croquettes on hand is a great idea. Love and food would be great. I know I’d be better off rescuing her or taking her to a shelter.” but in some situations, like my scenario, they are constrained.” Even the woman who noticed this little dog, she claimed, was by his side and bought him tacos every time he saw her.

This generosity no doubt keeps homeless people from starving. It must be given the highest priority. Feeding a hungry stray dog ​​is a good thing, but it’s important to remember that you should always do it.

Since your dog hasn’t eaten in a long time, your stomach may not be able to handle heavy meals or certain foods. Understanding how to care for him is important to prevent his condition from worsening. Look at our furry friend.

His ribs show signs of hunger. Please spread this story. We hope that someone can take them in, give them the love they need and help them do more than just feed them.

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