Boy saving up to buy a puppy and granny telling him to close his eyes and stretch his arms

Xander Mellor, 6, of Springfield, Illinois, has been saving for her dog for the past 18 months. He would respectfully ask Natalie Ellenberg for change when he got home from his job, and would put it in a piggy bank.

Xander avoided buying his candy and delicacies because he wanted to have his own dog. Upon learning of his lovable mission, his grandparents decided to visit him to fulfill his wishes!

In this video, Xander happily runs out of the house as soon as he finds his grandparents’ car. As he approached the car door, Grandma closed her eyes and gestured for her hand as a “gift.”

The child smiles as she waits for her grandma’s gift, but her eyes widen in disbelief as she holds a lovely puppy in her arms.

Xander tries to smile gratefully at Grandma, but struggles to hold back her tears. The suffering child finally began to smile while holding his beloved pet. We hope Xander has a happy and exciting year, creating memories with his furry friends. After watching, ‘share’ the video with your friends and family.

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