A boy breaks down in tears when he is reunited with his long-lost dog!

The love between a boy and his dog…! For all children, dogs and cats are the most affectionate and inseparable friends. Losing that four-legged friend would be heartbreaking. When their dog, Miri, disappeared from their home in Brazil, Leandro was dead, and Miri’s family spent days searching, but found no trace of the adorable puppy.

They thought they would never see that ball of love again.

What they didn’t know was that local firefighter Juninho Juni had let a small dog roam the streets in another part of town. The dog was wearing a clean sweater and seemed to be looking for someone. He realized it wasn’t about her orphaned dog, but that she had been separated from her family. Miri is the dog her family is looking for!

After asking around, he learned from the Civil Defense Agency of Varzea Paulista that the Leandro family had been looking for the dog in vain. He immediately took Miri home. Leandro was waiting on the sidewalk when he arrived.

What happened next was a magical reunion. Leandro let out a sigh of relief as he held Miri in his arms. Juni is definitely a savior for Leandro and the little dog. You will be forever grateful to him!

Those who witnessed the reunion were emotionally moved, and after the video was shared on social media, many expressed a desire to be reunited with the lost dog. May all stray dogs and domestic dogs experience such a wonderful miracle!

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