A little dog mourning the loss of his best friend cuddles up to a toy that resembles him.

Tim claimed it as soon as I placed it on the sofa, to quote.

Nothing can stand in the way of certain relationships because they are so unique. That’s the type of bond that Big Ben, the Great Pyrenees, and Tiny Tim, the Chihuahua, shared. When Tim became a foster child for Ben’s family in 2016, the two first met, and they immediately clicked.

Jenny Leech, Tim and Ben’s mother, told The Dodo that she often entered the living room and saw Tim sleeping on top of Ben.

Physically, the two closest friends were diametrically opposed: Big Ben towered over Tiny Tim, who was as little as his name implied. But nothing changed despite the disparity in their sizes. Ben and Tim were able to spend the whole day together, and they did so for six great years.

Tim would lie directly on top of Ben when he was younger and more agile, according to Leech. Ben would then go rest on the sofa.

Tiny Tim and Big Ben, the two men’s closest pals, were physically opposed to one another; the latter was much taller. However, nothing was altered by their disparity in size. Tim and Ben were able to spend the whole day together, and for six beautiful years, they did.

Tim would lie directly on top of Ben when he was younger and a bit more agile, according to Leech, who recalled this happening.

The dynamic couple remained inseparable even when they weren’t napping on the sofa together.

Leech enjoyed seeing Tim and Ben engage with one another and believed they could make other people happy. As a result, she created individual social media profiles for Tim and Ben and posted updates about their relationship there. Tens of thousands of people were soon observing the pair from all across the globe.

“It sort of blossomed from there… the whole account of their relationship and all of their little journeys together,” added Leech.

Tim joined the family when Ben was 7 years old, and over time the gentle giant started to have movement issues. Tim began giving his brother space when he saw Ben wasn’t feeling well, but he would never wander too far.

Leech said, “I believe Tim saw some difference in him. Tim was more nice and simply felt like resting or sitting near Ben, as opposed to his typical hijinks of climbing up on him.

Ben suffered a stroke on December 24, 2022. The next morning, Ben’s condition deteriorated significantly, and regrettably, nothing more could be done to save him. At the age of 13 and a half, Ben softly crossed the rainbow bridge with his loved ones at his side.

There were my daughters who had all spent their formative years with him, said Leech. Tim was also present.

When Leech reported Ben’s passing on Tim and Leech’s social media pages, Tim’s fans quickly felt bad for Tim. One of the supporters, an Ohioan woman by the name of Beth, decided to send the child a gift.

She gave him this gigantic stuffed dog, according to Leech. I put it on the couch, and Tim grabbed it right away.

Leech didn’t expect Tim to clamber atop the plush dog’s back as he used to with Ben so soon after she had set it on the sofa. He snuggled into the dog’s soft folds and slept out right away.

Leech made the decision to keep the plush puppy on the sofa and ultimately became used to seeing it every day.

When we used to walk out into the living room, Tim would be on top of Ben on the sofa, Leech said, “It really felt like the old days.” “It was almost exactly the same position, down to a certain crick, as how Tim used to lie on Ben.”

Tim was cuddled up on top of the dog, much as he would be with Ben, and Leech was moved by this image. Although it was obvious that the toy dog was comforting Tim through his grief, she could sense that he missed his closest companion.

He is undoubtedly finding solace in it, according to Leech.

Although Leech finds it upsetting to watch Tim curled up on the plush dog, Leech is aware that Tim isn’t in pain. The little kid is thriving and doing far better than she had imagined.

Leech added, “He really astonished us all with how fantastic he’s doing. I believe that because of Ben, we are finding it difficult to look at him.

Every time Leech sees Tim dozing off on the back of the plush dog, which is now a permanent fixture on her sofa, she imagines that he is daydreaming about his closest buddy Ben. Even if they are no longer physically together, their bond endures eternally.

Leech said, “There’s something kind of beautiful about it.” They really had something unique.

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