His only mistake was being a pitbull; the dog was shot and lost both of its right limbs as a result.

Pit Bull 50 was created as a help. When his mother was saved by a kind family, she was expecting. The family ultimately settled on Fifty among his littermates.

When the unexpected happened, the happy puppy was enjoying himself with his owners and Izzy, a canine sibling.

Fifty was shot in both of his right limbs by a police officer who noticed him and became alarmed while on duty. This was blatant anti-Pit Bull prejudice since Fifty was a sociable and gregarious dog.

But because of the gunshot wounds in the sad dog’s right legs, this terrible occurrence fundamentally altered his existence.

Fifty’s life was once again flipped upside down when he was just learning to balance on his two surviving legs. This time, due to the recession, Fifty and Izzy’s owners were compelled to give them up to the shelter after losing their home. Fifty was forced to start again after losing the one consistency in his life.

Fifty found his inner light in the midst of this trying and uncertain time in his life. He pledged to get well but deflected blame for his predicament.

Before falling again, he would first try to support himself on the walls. He quickly regained his ability to run and walk properly due to his unwavering commitment and effort!

Fifty finally found his loving permanent home after nine months of rehabilitation at the shelter.

They immediately captured his heart, and he made a pledge to always treat his new brothers and humans with kindness. He adapted to his new life, which was filled with interesting experiences and cuddle sessions.

The large boy jumped at the opportunity to be the ideal foster brother to other unhappy animals like himself since Fifty’s new owners routinely foster canines in need.

Despite his ailments and the multiple setbacks life has dealt him, Fifty is a remarkable survivor who keeps his head held high.

Let’s show that Pit Bulls are much more than just a “hated breed” in honor of this underdog’s motivational story.

See how Fifty, who was born with two left legs, flourished once again by watching the video below.

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