On a chilly concrete floor, a courageous mother dog with a broken leg gives birth to four puppies.

I appreciate your generosity and sensitivity.
What a gorgeous young lady.Hope her legs can be fixed and that she gets a loving permanent home. She was trying to save her babies. ❀🏑
One of the most challenging situations involving the rising number of stray dogs in Greece is a mother dog that must raise her puppies by herself while utterly defenseless.

Greek rescue volunteers from the Diasozo Animal Rescue Team in Karditsa work tirelessly to aid the country’s stray canines.

Souzi, a stray dog living in a hamlet, has been given food and water by numerous villagers, but none of them want to approach her, so she gave birth on a cold concrete floor. To make matters worse, three days later, she was hit by a vehicle, breaking her rear limb.

She and her four pups were taken to the ve.t. by the Diasozo Animal Rescue Team after they determined they could no longer stand her plight. Souzi and her kids had excellent food, hydration, and lodging.

Souzi was separated from the four dogs the next day after veterinarian Rania extensively checked her to determine the degree of her injury. Her leg was in bad health, had two broken areas, and had damaged skin. For a few days, Rania will have her dog. Fortunately, she can take care of them, and because they’re so little, they won’t wander far from their mother.

Everyone is working hard to get her and her children a new house so that they won’t have to go outdoors any longer. Her wounds will heal soon.

Souzi is ecstatic and appreciative to those who helped rescue her and her child. Souzi is a truly lovely and charming young lady who deserves to be joyful in life!

Thank you to the heroic individual who rescued her and her adorable little puppies. What a beautiful mother dog, and what extraordinary lengths mothers will go to protect their young. Good luck, sweetheart.

You are a saint for saving her and her pups. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

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