The ill calf was left on the ground alone until a dog showed there and everything changed.

One of the secrets to Lewis’ speedy recovery was Sky the therapy dog.

Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner, who started the Gentle Barn, adopted a calf who had just become an orphan in 2020. They saved a motherless calf that was abandoned from a butcher. Only a week old, he was. John Lewis Thunderheart was the moniker they gave him since he was also a warrior.

Lewis wasn’t in the greatest of health when he got to The Gentle Barn. He had a bad case of pneumonia. He was breathing loudly and raspily. He coughed loudly. Ellie reported that he had a very high fever.

Lewis’s traumatic birth situation also prevented him from receiving enough colostrum to develop a stronger immune system. He struggled to survive when he developed pneumonia because of this.

They carried him inside their air-conditioned house since they knew he couldn’t live in the barn. They will be able to care for him around-the-clock and provide the clean, cool atmosphere he needs.

Another animal that resided within the home was also going to be a huge benefit for Lewis.
He goes by Sky.

Sky was given to The Gentle Barn by his prior owner, who was unable to handle his high level of activity. Sky was an excellent therapy dog, despite the fact that they weren’t authorized to adopt him. He can make people laugh, soothe those who are anxious, and calm those who have anger management problems.

He was thus the ideal company for Lewis while he recovered. Ellie said that Sky “soothed him, protected him, and would lay down right next to him and curl up beside him.” “Until he started to heal slowly, we just kept giving him love and comfort.”

They first realized Lewis and Sky had a solid bond when Lewis was able to go outdoors.They fight and run all over the yard. Lewis is crooked like a cow and Sky is extremely mouthy like a puppy, but somehow they manage to communicate and get along,” Ellie said.

Sky was also present to assist Lewis get used to his new farm life when Ellie took him on walks and introduced him to the other cows.

Lewis was just 50 pounds when he was brought in a week later. He is now two years old and over a thousand pounds. He is now far larger than Sky.

Due to the fact that they are aware of the significant weight disparity between them, they are no longer as physical with one another. They continue to express their affection for one another despite this.

Sky will cover Lewis as he sprawls out on the ground. He would lie down next to Lewis and lick him. “There are a lot of things for which to be thankful when I see Lewis and Sky together. What I admire most about them is that their love never ends, no matter how old or large they are,” Ellie remarked of their union. “To us, a cow and a dog are visible. However, Sky and John Lewis only perceive love, family, and friends.

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