The dog was abandoned by his owner, but he walked 125 miles hoping to see him again.

Despite the fact that her owners abandoned her, a devoted dog could not forget them and traveled more than 200 kilometers to be at their side.

The actions of Maru, a one-year-old Bullmastiff, demonstrate that even when they don’t receive the attention they want, animals will always be the most devoted beings.

With tears in her eyes, the puppy girl has traveled more than 200 kilometers.

Maru was raised by a couple in Krasnoyarsk after being born in a crib in Novosibirsk, Russia. The dog and the humans she considers to be her parents forever only spent six months together, but already she has grown to adore them.

These folks, however, made the very sad decision to place her back in the crib. The lady who was submitting an adoption application got in touch with the facility where the child was returned because she claimed to be “allergic” to the animal.

Faced with the unfortunate circumstance, Alla Morozova, the proprietor of the crib, and the owner of Maru came to an understanding and chose to check in for the return journey.

The dog was placed into a train car bound for Novosibirsk on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

When a puppy is purchased, it is agreed that the owners must notify me if they decide they no longer want it. “I never give up my puppies,” said Morozova.

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