The dog came back four times and was eventually adopted by someone who understood him perfectly.

After being adopted and brought back four times, Bandit appears destined to spend the rest of his life in Georgia’s Gwinnett prison dog program. This wheelchair-bound dog is lovable and affectionate, but has special needs that require close attention and has turned down many adopters over the years.

Everyone on the program always loved him, but he also wanted him to experience what it was like to have a loving family and a permanent home. It seemed like the right family would never show up, but a couple found his Facebook post about Bandit and realized they could give him the love and care he needed.


Darrell and Surider immediately fell in love with the Bandit upon hearing it. They were not afraid of Bandit’s special requirements, as Darrell also uses a wheelchair. “The most unique thing about Bandit is that he and I are both paralyzed and need wheelchairs to go everywhere,” Bandit’s new father, Darrell Ryder, told The Dodo.

“Knowing what it’s like to live in a wheelchair, Sue and I understood exactly what Bandit needed. We also felt a stronger bond.”


The couple thought carefully about welcoming Bandit into their family and contacted the Gwinnett Prison Dog Program to find out everything there was to know about caring for Bandit. Talks lasted a month, everyone agreed that this was the perfect couple, and the couple made plans to meet Bandit for the first time.

“Darrell said Bandit was ‘just like him’ and they wanted to give him a home where he would be understood and well cared for,” said a volunteer with the Gwinnett Prison Dog Program. , Lori Cronin told The Dodo.


After meeting Bandit, no one had any doubts. Darrell and Sue Ryder were supposed to be Bandit’s parents, and after speaking with caregivers and doctors to make sure the house was prepared for Bandit, it was finally time to bring him home.

Everyone in the program was sad when they had to say goodbye to Bandit. He was there for a long time and was much loved, but all his caregivers and volunteers were sad to see him go, but at the same time that he finally had the happy ending he deserved. I was overjoyed.


“He was so important to each of us in jail that it’s rare to walk into the department where he was and not see him run over for a treat,” Cronin said. said.

“I miss his stern barking and the ‘smile’ that was always on his shaggy face.” ‘s handler misses him. We’ve all grown accustomed to his absence and are happy to have our own place in Bandit. ”


Bandit has settled into his new home so well that it feels like it has been there for years. He has already been on several trips with his new family and loves them as if he knew his family all his life. It took a long time, but Bandit is now where it should be next to whoever got it.

“Bandit is doing great and is adjusting to his new family and surroundings more than we expected,” Ryder added. “We, his family, are so happy to have Bandit in our lives.”

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