Sick 19-year-old lab mix dog Friends Foster admitted to Texas animal shelter and ‘spoiled her’

Unfortunately, this was not always the case. A former owner of a Labrador Retriever mix dog handed over the old dog to a Dallas animal services facility over the summer. Veterinarians said Annie arrived at the shelter in poor health with a month to live.

Dallas Animal Services shared Annie’s story on social media, urging animal lovers to consider caring for a dog so Annie’s final months can be filled with love.

When Lauren Cyler spotted Annie’s ad at Dallas Animal Services, “business analysts knew I had to figure out a way to get her,” the analyst told PEOPLE. When her roommate and best friend, Lisa, sees a picture of her, “I have to keep her,” said Sylar.


Sylar and her friend Lisa Flores contacted Dallas Animal Services to see if they could adopt the older dog. The shelter referred the couple to Powerful Rescue, who took care of Annie while she waited for her foster home.

When Sylar applied for foster care for her on Flores, her Powerful Rescue said, “Very honest about Annie’s illness, her veterinarians wanted us to stay with her for a month. I expected it,” she said.

Sylar and Flores were unaffected by Annie’s shortened deadline. Her friends, whom she met five years earlier when she was teaching at the same elementary school, decided to grow her lab mix and give her “the best month of her life.” did. Sylar and Flores created a wish list for Annie to ensure that her days are filled with joy, love and comfort.

“When Lisa and I adopted her at the end of June, we expected her to stay for only a month. explains. “She started off by riding cars, swimming, birthday parties, Christmas in July, and then it started snowing,” she recalled. To do.

In late July, Flores and Syler, who were documenting the trip on Annie’s to-do list on Instagram (@dallasanimalfoster), concluded that Annie was “not ready to go yet,” and friends was added to the list. “She’s been painting, being a chef, making homemade dog treats, hosting baby showers, going on burger tours and so much more,” Sylar said of Annie.

She added that more than 19,000 fans of the old dog have inspired her work. should do next. Annie far exceeded her veterinarian’s expectations. The dog, who gained just a month of life in June, is still happily living with her foster family. “I think she quickly learned that living here was the ‘good life.’ , we wanted to take her place and offer her a life of luxury while she lived with us,” added Syler.

Annie likes to relax, take a nap, take a bathroom break, or pick up the mail when she doesn’t have to cross her wish list again. “When a fan letter arrives, she smiles. It’s just funny! She has a sincere smile and loves receiving letters.

We know that someone sends her something on Instagram. I started taking pictures of her ‘smile’ every time, and it got a lot of people’s attention,” added Syler. Annie says she loves food and she “funny dances” for food. Sylar and Flores hope Annie’s fans, after experiencing the charm of this old dog puppy, will be convinced to give the older animals from the shelter a chance.

“We are happy to encourage individual cultivation. The sad reality is that these animals are being euthanized daily without anyone asking for care simply because shelters are overcrowded. Annie is special to us, but she’s not a unicorn, and there are hundreds of Annies currently in animal shelters.

I’m waiting for it,” says Syler. “These older dogs have given up a lot to be abandoned in shelters. Ta. Annie’s wishlist remains active as long as the dog is enthusiastic and enthusiastic enough to participate in the activity. You can see Annie’s latest antics on Instagram @dallasanimalfoster.

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