Abandoned in the woods with a huge tumor he waited for his end suffering alone in the cold and sadness.

Several conservation groups have posted photos of the child online. A woman who saw him took a picture of him and posted it on Facebook.

This dog is a breed called Amstaff. It exists only because it does not move. What happened to him is unknown. He was in the woods and could have been shot earlier.

He is so gentle that he never stops wagging his tail. It may have been abandoned in this condition by the previous owner, as evidenced by the severed ears.

His name was Alfonso. As expected, X-rays confirmed the tumor. He is in terrible pain, his legs are badly deformed and they smell bad.

To confirm the presence of mets, the veterinarian will perform further tests, blood tests, chest x-rays and CT scans. He definitely has to amputate his limbs.

He never stops wagging his tail and kissing everyone. His voracious appetite is a good sign. He had a chest x-ray, but the results showed nothing. His leg will be amputated and put on an IV. A blood test found him to be anemic, but he had to have his limbs amputated immediately. I can’t wait for another day.

He was rescued after an all-night grueling procedure that required excision of a 6kg tumor and amputation of his front legs.

It has been four days since he left the facility, and Alfonzo is in good health. He is a fighter and will succeed! Even anemia can be managed with a balanced diet and supplements. Merima, a veterinarian, is personally caring for him.

He survives difficult treatment and lives a well-regulated and fulfilling life. He longs to find someone who values ​​him as much as his own self-respect.

It’s been a month and Alfonzo is feeling great, his injuries are fully healed and he’s fine. He is lovable and enjoys spending time with people, children, dogs and cats.

He will be one year old when the free sterilization program resumes.

I really hope that this youngster finds genuine love and gets adopted. The help you provided as well as the superb care Meri and Franjo are providing him are much appreciated by him.


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