A second chance is given to deaf dogs who have been shot and homeless to protect their owners

A brave pitbull who saved his owner’s life but was then abandoned on the street was given a second chance in the form of a new owner. When his owner had to move and could not take Kiko with him, Kiko, now 14, shot and killed his owner in a house robbery in 2012.

Soon after, Kiko became homeless. Kiko was adopted by New York conservation group Mighty Mutts in 2014, and they’ve been working tirelessly ever since to find him the ideal home.

According to Mighty Mutts’ Jill Haynes, “We’ve all been very involved with Kiko for the past year and a half and I’m so excited to see him find his own home. ” Due to her age and deafness, Kiko needs a very special living environment.

After reading about Kiko in The Dodo, the couple, convinced they could build an ideal family for Kiko, contacted Mr. and Mrs. Mighty Mats to ask about him. The couple picked Kiko up and finally took her to the planned home on Thursday evening. Kiko is clearly overjoyed.

Kiko’s new home was celebrated on Mighty Mutz’s Facebook page with the words: “Thursday night, Kiko moved in with an amazing couple who are in love with her. They are The Dodo. After reading an article about him shared thousands of times on , we knew he was the perfect dog for us.”

Kiko’s adoptive mother, Casey Ryan, was a true hero to Kiko as he waited to find his forever home. Mighty Mats relies on her foster parents to care for her rescued dog. Before Kiko was finally adopted, Casey told The Dodo that “Kiko is a great senior hero dog and deserves a forever home to be pampered and loved unconditionally.”

Mighty Mats is constantly looking for foster homes in New York City to care for his faithful dog while he waits to find a permanent home.

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