Overjoyed foster Pitbull can’t stop kissing and hugging his new dad!

It’s always nice to have an animal adopted! Many hearts were warmed by the lovely and lovely behavior of the pure white puppy girl! Maggie is an outlaw pitbull, which has such a profound psychological effect on her that she even makes her believe she is unworthy of being loved.

Luckily, a good couple named Mary and Mark McCullough wanted to save a new dog after their previous dog, Mishka, died of cancer. When she found out about Maggie, her dog melted their hearts and felt she needed to be part of her family.

When Maggie first met her new father at Pitties From Haven Rescue Center in South Carolina, it seemed like she had known her for years. Maggie jumped on her new dad and she couldn’t stop kissing and hugging.

Little girls are overjoyed. Because you get the real home that every animal dreams of. Mother Mary also loves Maggie. She crouched down so her puppy wasn’t threatened, and soon Maggie was on her lap and hugged her tightly.

No one can deny the love of such a pretty girl. Mary said: She said, “It was love at first sight when I met you. Maggie is one of the cutest dogs she’s ever raised, according to her breeder. Andra explained. “From the clear sunlight in the video, I believe her ex-dog Mishka smiled at this meeting.”

Mishka will be delighted when Maggie inherits her parents’ love. We want each dog to find a home they love. 🏡❤

It brought tears to my eyes, how beautiful and so precious❣️🐕‍🦺😍
She’s happy in another way 💘 That’s beautiful! She has a happy new father.

I love watching animals because they give us so much 🥰
Have a beautiful life forever ❤️

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