Bait Dog rescued from a fighting ring now carries his security blanket everywhere.

The Bull Ring Barbie was a puppy when he was used as a bait dog in a dogfighting ring. When he was rescued, he had endured both bodily and psychic harm. He was terrified as his frail body was invaded and contaminated.

He was completely helpless, and the stench emanating from his wound was revolting. He died as a result of his awful circumstances.

Bobby had nearly avoided execution, but his difficulties had only just started. For the next two months, he was imprisoned in the garage like a worthless piece of garbage. When a lady learned about his plight, she decided to adopt him. Bobby sat in the savior’s vehicle, puzzled and furious, unknowing that his life was about to undergo an irreversible shift.

For the first time, Bobby felt his new mother’s love and dedication. She gave him the opportunity to overcome his shyness and anxiety at his own pace. As the months passed, everyone was astounded by his remarkable physical and mental recovery. He develops a particular attachment with the lady who rescued him, and as a consequence of his experience, this bond becomes extreme separation anxiety.

His owner decided to train Bubby in the box to provide him stability and consistency while she was gone. During crate training, Bubby realized that blankets give a new level of comfort! He crept out of his box with a blanket in tow every morning, wagged his tail, and cheerfully strutted about the house!

Bubby’s blanket provided him the confidence that everything was well. While his nightmares and pain fade, his beloved “blank habit” remains substantially intact. He then acquired a fondness for toys, couches, and anything else that reminded him of home.

The best gift of all went to Simon, a rescued pit dog adopted by Bobby’s family. Bobby was meant to overcome his blanket addiction, but this never happened. Simon loves and respects Bobby, so it’s only a matter of time until he emulates his brother’s adoration! Wow! Pit bulls are also cute!

See how Bubby copes with the film below by using his beloved blanket.

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