Icy rain, a leaking booth, and a chained dog

She stood there watching as this dog was tied to the window of her car. When it poured outdoors, the frost caused the droplets to freeze before they hit the ground. She didn’t realize the infant’s conduct until she got near since it didn’t attempt to hide within the booth.

The lady saw this dog tied up outdoors via the window of her automobile. Raindrops were frozen before they touched the ground since it was raining outside and there was frost on everything. The infant made no effort to hide in the booth, so she didn’t comprehend what was going on until the mother approached. Because a giant dog was stretched out within the booth, the puppy was simply refused access.

The bowls were close together, and the puppy hung from a chain. There was a railway nearby that had not been used in a long time, as well as an abandoned gatehouse. In this situation, the dog did not seem to be able to protect itself. The food in the bowls indicated that the baby had not been fed regularly. The other was empty, while the first included some skeletal remains.

She started dropping by and feeding the dog on a regular basis. Because a group of dogs nearby was snatching the baby’s food, the mother kept an eye on the youngster until it had completed everything. Over a few days, no one came to the gatehouse. The spectator who put the bones in the bowl and felt so bad for the child were quickly shown to be the same person.

The lady made it a point to feed and check on the dog every day. A bunch of dogs waited for this opportunity and attempted to steal the baby’s food, but the benefactor waited until the puppy had eaten its part before intervening.

There was no one in the vicinity at this time, there were no evidence that someone was in the gatehouse, it was evident that no one was caring for the dog, and the bones that the woman had noticed the day before their first meeting were being aided by friendly observers.

A lady requested us to find a new home for her dog. We have a refuge for cats and dogs in an apartment, but we were unable to find a suitable place.

In Yekaterinburg, we found the closest short-term care facility for the baby. After the test results are received, the dog will be castrated, and adoption attempts will commence. The dog was immediately transported to the veterinarian.

The dog was quite affectionate. It’s difficult to think such a sweet animal would be imprisoned. The child’s name is Thomas, and it needs a family that will love and care for it. It will repay you in full if you can provide Thomas with a family and a home.

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