When a shelter dog was repeatedly turned down he decided to make his own bed to demonstrate his worthiness.

A wonderful dog like him deserves to have a forever home…!

Rush was adopted because he was so full of joy. He will now enjoy the life he deserves.
He’s so cute! Thank you to the nice couple who have given him a forever home.


When Rush, the Pit Bull, was taken in by the [SICSA Pet Adoption Center] in Ohio, he was a scr.a.red little thing. He had returned home.He was less than nice and loving his whole life.

After learning that Rush was a Pit Bull, every possible adoptive who came to see him shied away.
The volunteers once saw Rush meticulously preparing his own bed before visiting hours. They apprehended Rush by using his lips to grasp the sheets and carefully tuck them into all corners. Rush just wanted to seem to be a nice guy before the day’s adoption appointments!

He is stunning and priceless.

Rush has finally found a place to live! A couple who had just rescued their dog were selected as his new family.
Rush’s sad countenance vanished in an instant as he returned home to begin his new life as a cherished youngster. Congrats!!

What a darling, prayers and love for a lovely home and family!

I’m overjoyed that this gorgeous puppy has finally found a lifelong home, a nice home! Thank you very much to the couple that adopted him.

You can tell he’s a nice, caring person who deserves to be loved!!

Thank you for sharing that love and adopting this little one! She is so gorgeous and sweet!

I’m overjoyed that this angel has found a permanent home.

This lovely canine is both intelligent and adorable. He has a family and deserves only the best. This baby will always be loved.

We wish this fur baby the best of luck!!

Enjoy this wonderful moment:

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