Lonely Dog Leaves His Backyard Just to Get A Hug From His Buddy

Messy, a yellow Labrador Retriever, lives with his mother, Oranit Kittragul, in Thailand. And he also enhances the lives of others around him; just ask the neighbor dog.
Audi, the dog across the street, may sometimes get frightened and lonely when his owner departs to go to work.

Nonetheless, Messy is right there to keep him busy. Oranit will undoubtedly instruct Messy to investigate and speak with him.

Furthermore, conversation is always beneficial. Audi stops weeping and whining when he sees his friend and neighbor across the street! However, one day, Audi’s owner failed to close the gate before leaving…

The lonely Husky spotted an opportunity not to flee and went to embrace Messy. Oranit glanced outside and saw the beautiful scene, so she shot some photos. Audi dashed back home after the emotional embracing session!

The moment revealed a deeper bond between the pets than Oranit had ever realized. Despite the road that separates them, both dogs had become super close simply talking and seeing each other from afar.

Messy and Audi, don’t you think they should have some frequent play dates in the future? What a lovely relationship!

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