Abandoned puppies without a mother born with a spinal deformity. nothing can hold her back

Hello from tipsy! She was abandoned at her birth when she was very young. Pawshaw said members of her rescue team found her helpless and nearly unconscious on the ground. Thanks to her dedication and care, Tipsy grows.

Tipsy started walking at 2 weeks old. They didn’t know she had a congenital spinal defect because she had no scars at the time.

He was a little over 3 weeks old, which was a little early for weaning, but he is growing well. She couldn’t wait to try meaty foods. She used to move just fine, but now she hardly moves. She used to limp her hind legs and limp her feet, but she still could move and felt pain. Unfortunately, at this point we realized we had a serious problem.

We started physical therapy and passive range of motion exercises before seeing a neurologist.

According to radiographs, she sustained a spinal fracture or luxation. Even in the early X-rays, the patient’s T-spine area showed loss of vertebral bodies and bone density.

No signs of trauma leading to fractures or dislocations were ever observed, and she showed no signs of pain. Her doctor said the malformation was a congenital condition, so she was able to give birth without much stress and without problems. As long as we continued her physical therapy she got better. There is no stopping her because she is the most determined bitch in the world!

Their caregivers couldn’t believe they made it this far on the booze. She is 7 weeks old, but she can already work and even walk a little. After her first acupuncture treatment yesterday, she slept soundly for 3-4 hours afterwards.

She was given a wheelchair at nine weeks of age, but her foster parents found it difficult to use because of her reactions to her surroundings. But with her practice, she starts to get the hang of it.

At 16 weeks, Tipsy can play with other dogs and drive across fields. Like any dog, she loves playing this game too. She’s aged her 20 weeks, but she’s still the happiest girl in the world.

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