The sweetest thing about Chevy is that he always smiles.

Even though we often give animals human traits, we also know that they don’t express their emotions in the same way that we do. However, who can fail to assume that a dog is grinning when they see it with its tongue hanging out?

Chevy, however, is distinct. This dog has a constant smile on his face, and the Grinch would be instantly cheered by it. Chevy is a 9-year-old Pomeranian who loves to have fun.

Here’s Chevy. He is a Pomeranian puppy aged nine.
Chevy’s little face is perpetually grinning a little.
This adorable little grin never leaves his face, no matter what.
After their golden retriever passed away, Tina Denlinger, Chevy’s owner, said they were looking for a dog to keep their corgi mix company. They learned about Chevy from a newspaper advertisement.

Chevy was apparently traveling with some Dachshunds who weren’t too fond of him. Tina’s husband made the decision that Chevy would accompany them home.
Tina claims that Chevy’s friendly demeanor has made him somewhat of a local celebrity.

Even his certification as a fire dog!
Chevy is not only a cute, astute, and brave dog, but he’s also always up for a costume run. The real Mr. America is this.
Santa Paws enters the room spreading holiday cheer.

playing the role of Mickey Mouse. I would rate this as a complete win!
He’s playing you a song of serenade.

When they were returning him from the veterinarian after being neutered, according to Tina, they first noticed his smile.
She claimed that individuals frequently messaged her to say they use Chevy’s pictures to lift their spirits.
Tina claims that this smile is genuine. Chevy is always content and at ease.

Chevy enjoys hanging out with his Corgi sibling as well. Here they are playing in the snow, the two of them.
They have many adventures together and genuinely enjoy each other’s company.
One of their favorite activities is taking a ride.

Even rides in the golf cart are given to them.
His family enjoys photoshoping him into amusing and adorable pictures. like this one, which has Chevy working in customer service.
Can you find Chevy in this group of meerkats? Chevy is a Meerkat, right?

Here, Chevy is portrayed as the king that he truly is.
This dog, “Boy,” is incredibly affectionate and sweet. He is very devoted to his family, and they feel the same way about him.
Chevy is a truly unique dog, and we are all fortunate to get to see him being awesome.
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