The Sick Dog With No Nose And Broken Teeth Is Probably The World’s Most Miserable Dog.

A sick puppy who was attacked by other dogs and lost his nose needs a home more than anything. He currently has a ton of potential dog-moms and dog-dads, according to a local news report.

Since he was abandoned in Puerto Rico, Sniffles the dog has experienced hardship. He was bitten by other stray dogs and has a number of health issues.

Sniffles, however, has improved considerably from his pre-treatment state and might soon find a home after traveling to the US for treatment and sharing his story with a Florida-based animal charity.

Sniffles is said to have endured horrendous living conditions in Puerto Rico. In addition to other parasites, he also has whipworms and hookworms, so his teeth need to be treated right away.

He reportedly lost his nose after being attacked by other stray dogs, who also caused him to sustain numerous wounds and illnesses.

After being discovered in Puerto Rico by a local animal rescue organization, where it was believed he could receive better medical attention, he was eventually adopted out to a family in the US.

But that position was only temporary. Because he required ongoing medical attention and kept eloping, Sniffles was in danger.

In the end, he was adopted by Florida’s Poodle & Pooch Rescue, a volunteer-run group that annually saves 500–600 puppies.

He was taken in by the rescue on December 19 and they started looking for a place for him right away. On December 24, he was highlighted on the Orlando news program WESH.

Then, Sniffles’ situation changed. After hearing of his adoption, at least 100 individuals have phoned the shelter to show interest.

He will need a dedicated adopter who will wash his nose twice a day and give him eye drops for his dry eyes every day. Rebecca Lynch, a representative for the shelter, said to

He is infested with several parasites, such as whipworms and hookworms, which may indicate that his living circumstances were filthy before coming into our care.

Additionally, he had symptoms of Ehrlichia, a disease transmitted by ticks. He is receiving therapy, therefore he ought to make a complete recovery.

Sniffles is a tough guy who, despite his ailments and challenges, still loves people.

“Young Sniffles is a powerful boy,” Lynch said. Sniffles has begun to emerge out of his shell despite his history after first displaying some hesitancy and perplexity.

He is friendly with other dogs, likes being outdoors, and, as a result of his disease, makes sweet little snorting sounds. He enjoys being petted as well.

We are happy that his tale has attracted so much attention since airing locally in Central Florida since he is a lovely and content dog.

Sadly, despite his odd appearance, Sniffles’ story is not uncommon. Sniffles and other dogs with specific needs are admitted into our rescue on a weekly basis.

In place of some of the fantastic possibilities they have for Sniffles, the group hopes that anybody who chooses not to adopt him would adopt another special needs cat, contribute to one, or foster cats.

In the meanwhile, Genesis Diaz, a local resident, has been taking care of Sniffles.

He was looking at her from the side of her bed when she woke up this morning, she claimed WESH. He quickly approached, whirled her around, and started kissing her face.

The animal rescuers are also enamored.

I only described him as a decent old guy. The medical director of the clinic, Michelle Wacker, claims that he has captured everyone’s hearts at the establishment. He is a reliable canine. Simply put, he strikes me as odd.

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