The family can’t stop smiling when their missing dog comes home with a medal from a dog show.

One family was on the verge of losing their beloved Beagle/Beagle Mix dog for good. But they didn’t expect their dog to return with a gift for them as well!

Bonnie, Peter and Paula Closier’s Beagle mix, had gone missing on a Sunday, and the pair was terrified she would never return.

Despite the fact that the beagle is a five-year-old robust and healthy puppy, the dog’s owners do not want it to explore the neighborhood on its own.

Their fears were allayed when the dog came home later that day.

Bonnie, on the other hand, did not return in the same manner. She was wearing a yellow ribbon around her neck, which Peter and Paula noticed as she rushed towards them.

According to the ribbon, the puppy placed third in a dog show! They eventually discovered the truth about her reward after being baffled by it.

When John Wilmer noticed the beagle mix, he was on his way to a dog show in Surrey.

He didn’t recognize the dog’s owners and wondered who they were. While driving to the performance, he got an idea.

He considered bringing the beagle to the dog show since he was getting ready to enter his own dog. Who knows whether she will be successful? John brought two more dogs to the exhibition.

Even though he was already late for the event, he still had time to post on Facebook about finding Bonnie. He eventually decided to enter her in the “Best Rescue Dog” category and bring her in.

And it’s true—Bonnie came in third place! Bonnie looked to have nearly fled the home in order to win.

Peter and Paula, on the other hand, came across John’s Facebook message and were relieved to find that Bonnie is in excellent care. Bonnie returned to the couple’s open arms later that day, this time with a present.

Bonnie proudly wore the medal, and her parents are overjoyed with her achievement. However, the fact that they were nervous and unhealthy remains.

As a consequence of their experience, Peter and Paula are now more cautious when it comes to caring for Bonnie.

Even though Bonnie just has a bronze medal right now, she still has a decent chance of winning gold the next time, right? Will her parents allow her to compete in the tournament again?

“Perhaps,” Paula said. They are obviously pleasurable for her.

So, if Bonnie can finish third without much work, think what she can achieve with enough practice. This dog has a lot of skill.

We’ll have to wait and watch whether Bonnie is given another opportunity to perform on the program. If she leaves the home with her parents rather than on her own.

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