Six dedicated dogs pursue an ambulance and spend 24 hours waiting for their homeless owner outside a hospital.

Six faithful dogs followed the ambulance transporting their owner, a homeless man who had suffered an early stroke and had spent more than 24 hours at the Santa Casa Hospital in Cianorte, southern Brazil.

The astonishing moment when the devoted dogs pursue the ambulance for kilometers before arriving panting at the hospital’s emergency entrance is recorded on camera.

When Luiz, who goes by his first name alone, fell sick unexpectedly, the dogs refused to leave the hospital entrance.

The dogs allegedly followed the ambulance that delivered Luiz and howled in front of the hospital for hours, according to volunteer Simone Ziliane. The guy was released the next day, but he exited by a different entrance.

The dogs had been waiting for him since he considered them family. They didn’t leave until Luiz returned them.

Simone remarked to G1:

The animals needed immediate attention. They sped through the streets after the ambulance, arriving just as Luiz was being taken to the hospital. They immediately lost control and yelled furiously at the door.

They ultimately collapsed and stayed there. When we found that Luiz had been discharged from the hospital and that his pets were completely unconcerned, one of our volunteers went to his brother’s home and escorted him to the location where the dogs were still waiting for him.
He wasn’t surprised, despite the fact that he had no clue they had been outdoors all this time.

When Luiz came, the dogs were ecstatic and began to bark and bounce all around him.


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