Despite his body shutting down, a shattered dog struck in the head wants to live.

“We never stop pleading for him and praying in his name.” He is still struggling to live and is in critical need of prayers.”

When a complaint about his abuse was received, the poor little dog was saved. His owner apparently adored him, but he grew upset and whacked him. His injuries were severe. The dog’s little cranium was swollen, and he didn’t react at first.

The small puppy was inspected as soon as he arrived at the vet’s office. Because of his head injuries, his future remained unclear. Every hour matters because he is being attentively observed. If he were ill, there wouldn’t be anything the vet could do. However, the small warrior had already piqued everyone’s interest. With the assistance of his new humanitarian friends and supporters, he would guarantee that the little pup was safe and pain-free.

Despite the spasms, the dog started to get stronger.


enhance. He was thrilled to find that his kennel had visitors from all walks of life. He has a tail that wags. It’s incredible how a dog can tolerate constant maltreatment from a human and yet view that person as a friend.

As the dog recovered, the veterinarian devised an outstanding treatment plan that included anti-seizure medicine, a high-protein diet, and plenty of affection from all his new friends! When we spoke, the dog was still recuperating. Because his future is unknown, he needs as many prayers as he can get. Could you please send some of it his way? Scroll down and press the play button to find out who the dog warrior is!

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