Gentle Goose loves her best friend’s puppies as if they were her own children.

In real life, the interspecies interaction is always a marvel. In reality, animals see the world quite differently than humans. They do not judge a creature based on its species, form, or size. All they see is how people treat one another. So true. So sincere. A good example is the following tale about a dog and a goose.

The goose was rescued and adopted by the dog’s owner when she was a newborn. Despite their differences, the goose and the samoyed became fast friends. They remained and grew up together, and their relationship is just becoming stronger.

They are so close that the goose assists her canine buddy in caring for her babies. The goose is an excellent nanny. When the Samoyed is not there, she assumes responsibility for the babies, following them about to ensure their safety. Those pups are no different from her own children to her. It’s very great to witness such a lovely bond.

The complete video is available below:

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