Puppy Dropped From A Bridge With Electrical Tape Over His Mouth

Human brutality is much more painful than any bark, growl, or bite. Dogs may act in this manner naturally when they detect a danger, but people often harm these creatures on purpose just because they can.

As if abandoning a family dog wasn’t bad enough, some individuals go so far as to leave puppies in sacks with no food, water, or even air.

Louie’s tale is terrible since he was not only deceived by his family, but he was also tossed down a bridge with tape covering his lips so no one could hear his cries for assistance.

A Pleading for Assistance

Bob Hoelter of Griffith, Indiana, normally drives to the neighborhood supermarket, but luckily for Louie, he opted to walk instead that night.
When Hoelter gazed across a bridge and heard crying in the distance, a leisurely workout evolved into a rescue operation. Hoelter might have ignored it, but something was amiss in his heart.

As he told The Dodo, he followed the sound of a young kid pleading for aid until he ended there beneath the bridge. Hoelter carried a flashlight with him, which helped him see the doggo despite the fact that it was already dark.

He eventually found the poor pooch huddled up on the ground, trembling from fright and cold, but that wasn’t the worst part.

When Hoelter approached the dog, he observed that the animal had electrical tape over his lips, which irritated him even more.

When Hoelter saw the puppy’s condition, he understood time was not on their side and that the puppy needed to be transported to the doctor right away, which is why he grabbed him up and took him to the Griffith Animal Hospital.

Unknown with a Big Heart
Dr. Lori Kovacich of Griffith Animal Hospital in Indiana also shared her perspective. She took the dog to the vet and rescued him from the worst-case scenario:

“I was out of my chair and into the lobby to get him in seconds.”

Kovachich grasped the gravity of the situation and instantly took the dog with her, without even asking the guy who brought him his name or phone number.

She was startled and horrified to see such an adorable and little dog in such a horrible situation; the skin on his snout was seriously damaged by the tape, which experts suspect had been on him for days.

Kovachich need a team of veterinarians and technicians to properly treat the puppy. He received medications for internal inflammations and muzzle ointment, as well as several cuddly animals and a comfortable blanket, allowing him to finally slumber.


Hoelter, on the other hand, was simply delighted that he got the dog to the hospital in time, so he just left and resumed his stroll to the shop.

Another Day, Another Surprise
Everything seemed to be under control after the first assessment, until later tests revealed that the pup also had a fractured limb.

Given how long it had gone untreated, surgery was the only choice.

Based on the dog’s injuries and the fact that he was discovered beneath a bridge, medical personnel decided that he was tossed from it and most likely struck the ground rather than the water. The dog miraculously survived, but with terrible injuries.

The whole event horrified Dr. Kovachich. She was so outraged and saddened by the injustice that the small puppy had through that she posted on Facebook on behalf of the whole hospital:

“A million thoughts race through my mind as I try to process this.” In the end, the horrible individual or persons responsible will rot in hell. They already lack sympathy and have no heart, and they live a wretched existence. Karma.”

Sweet Reunion And Everlasting Home
After the first several days of recuperation, everything was looking good, and the puppy, subsequently called Louie, was feeling much better. He even began displaying his fun attitude in the hospital, which was why everyone adored him.

Posts on the Griffith Hospital’s social media account were quite successful, as they assisted the staff in locating Louie’s rescuer and a new home.

Hoelter’s niece discovered one of the postings and presented it to her uncle. They decided to pay a visit to the hospital and check on the puppy before he was discharged with his new owners.

Everyone in the hospital, including Hoelter, was taken aback by Louie’s response upon seeing his rescuer.

“I was awestruck because I didn’t think he remembered me.”

Louie, on the other hand, seemed to have remembered, as he raced towards Hoelter as soon as he spotted him and couldn’t stop hugging and petting him.

Louie has finally found his permanent home after this touching occasion. Mary and Doug Witting, long-time hospital patients, didn’t want to obtain a new puppy so soon after losing their family pet, but there was something about Louie that they couldn’t let go of.

The Wittings christened the puppy “Louie” and provided him with a home full of love, devotion, and all the care he need. As Mary put it:

“I thought to myself, ‘That cute little face needs me.'” I can adore him around the clock, and I need him.”

For real dog lovers, it’s unfathomable that someone could have the heart and courage to leave, much alone physically harm, such a gentle and little animal.

Fortunately, there are individuals like Bob Hoelter, Dr. Lena Kovachich, and the Wittings who will always be there to assist in the healing of both physical and emotional wounds.

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