The dog that was being put down in a wheelbarrow is rescued.

Although the prospect of euthanasia frightens many dog owners, it is a terrible reality for many animals that wind up in shelters.

According to a 2022 study, Texas had the most number of shelter animals euthanized for the second year in a row. (1)

The ingestion rate has increased but the adoption rate has decreased. (2)

Shelters quickly grew congested. It’s distressing to witness pets that are unwell or deemed less attractive being put down for euthanasia in order to create way for other pups.

Darla was one of the puppies whose name appeared on the list. She was one of the fortunate few that were saved at the last minute. Let’s take a look at what transpired.

Darla is terrified.

Darla, a sweet Golden Retriever, was a resident of Laredo Animal Care Services in Laredo, Texas. Employees at the shelter described her as a very timid puppy. She couldn’t adjust to living in a shelter.

Due of congestion, the shelter was forced to put several animals to sleep. The puppies that had a reduced likelihood of being adopted were euthanized.

Darla, one of them, was one of them.

Darla was sent to a euthanasia chamber by the shelter workers in July 2023. She became terrified when she learned where she was heading. Her legs gave out and she was unable to walk.

The personnel at the shelter carried her and placed her in a wheelbarrow.

Members of Austin Pets Alive!, a non-profit group that rescues animals from euthanasia, were at the shelter that day. They arrived to the shelter with the intention of rescuing several pets.

Clare Callison, the head of national operations for Austin Pets Alive!, was also there.

“I knew it was around the time of day when the shelter does routine euthanasia to make kennel space available,” she said.

They were walking down the corridor when they saw a terrified Golden Retriever cowering in a blue wheelbarrow. They discovered that the terrified puppy was on her way to be put down.

At The Last Second, I Was Saved

They knew they had to save her the instant they saw her.

“We needed to pull her, we needed to save her.” We hope she is able to break out from her shell and become the joyful dog she deserves to be. It’s what every creature in the shelter deserves, and it’s what we’re fighting so hard for,” said Jordana Moerbe, APA!’s national shelter support director.

Callison learned from the shelter personnel that Darla’s shyness was the sole reason she was slated to be put down.

Callison massaged her head carefully, noting that, despite her timidity, Darla was receptive to affection and appreciated her pets.

Members of APA! brought her to the vet, where she received a complete medical examination. Darla was discovered to be an eight-month-old puppy by her rescuers.

Darla was taken in by APA!’s partners, Mile High Lab Mission in Denver, Colorado. They quickly found her a foster family that couldn’t wait to take her in.

Discovering Love

Darla wagged her tail as soon as she greeted her foster family, something she never did throughout her stint at the shelter. Finally, she was able to let go of her worries and allow her family to embrace her.

“She was like a completely different dog now.” According to Callison.

Darla had been adopted, according to the Mile High Lab Mission, on August 9th, 2023. She is currently in the care of a wonderful family that adores her. We wish her nothing but love and happiness throughout her life.

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